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Jujumade Toggle Necklace Vegetable Tan


An artful statement necklace for those that want to stand out in the most elegant way. Minimalist yet bold, handcrafted yet architectural, this necklace finds the perfect balance.

  • Solid thick vegetable tan leather cord with hand sculpted stoneware beads
  • Adjustable bead spacing
  • 28″ long
  • Made in US (Los Angeles, CA)


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Made in Los Angeles, CA

Jujumade was founded in 2011 by designer Juliana Hung (aka Julie, Jules, Juju, Ju, JujuBee, etc…)  and started as a blog to document her process and work as an industrial designer. The designer’s background required precision and much technical skill. Needing an outlet that allowed for more hands on work and creativity, she started making objects after work, mainly with ceramics.

Ceramics is typically seen in everyday household objects, but it can also transform and become something beautiful and unexpected. Jujumade pieces are created with these goals in mind, ceramics are used not just as accents, but also as playful features. Pieces can worn in multiple ways, allowing the owner to experiment and find their own look.