Made in New York, New York

Formally trained artist duo Alice Wu and Moriah Carlson begun Feral Childe as a series of art projects before the brand evolved into a contemporary fashion label. Feral Childe's collaborative drawings form the basis of the collection's textile prints and wry construction details, which are sustainably designed and impeccably tailored. Many of their designs feature original textile prints inspired by anything from Michaelangelo Antonioni's film L’Avventura to the view of the New York Harbor from their Sunset Park studios.

Feral Childe's bi-coastal studios in Brooklyn, NY and Oakland, CA, also allow the design team to draw inspiration from both the east coast and west coast and many of their pieces have a seasonless appeal. The Feral Childe team strives to create innovative, ethically-produced clothing that is made to last. And though the creation of their garments do leave some waste materials, they work with a domestic company to recylcle those materials at the end of each season.

By creating truly unique designs with a quirky Modern aesthetic, the Feral Childe design team is redefining American made and making it beautful.